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Acoustic Slat Wood Panels

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Acoustic Wood Decorative Cladding Panel

Polyester fiber Acouctic panel is good for decoration,it has excellent performance ofabsorbing the low frequency sound,it's unharmful to human. NRC is around 0.8-1.1 And this Acoustic Slat Wood Panels product is an ideal choice for home decoration for its distinctive features such as sound absorption,flame retartant,insulation,heat insulation,moisture-proof, antimildew,easy cutting,no harm to body.The Acoustic Wood Slat Wall are made to last with veneered lamella strips placed on an acoustic felt backing. The Acoustic Wood Decorative Cladding Panel are simple to install and will instantly transform your bedroom, living room, or office into a refined, modern space.
Material :Technical veneer+MDF+Polyester fiber
Type: #3

Crafted from high-quality wood materials, the Acoustic Slat Wood Panels are designed to provide an elegant and timeless look while effectively controlling reverberation and sound transmission within a room.
Each Acoustic Wood Decorative Cladding Panel features a series of precisely spaced slats that not only contribute to its visual charm but also serve a functional purpose in sound absorption. The unique design allows sound waves to penetrate through the slats, where they are then absorbed by a specialized acoustic backing material. This effectively reduces echo and noise levels, creating a more comfortable and conducive environment for various activities such as meetings, presentations, or relaxation.
One of the key advantages of acoustic slat wood panels is their versatility in design and application. Available in a variety of wood species, finishes, and sizes, these panels can be customized to complement any interior decor style, whether contemporary, traditional, or transitional. Additionally, they can be installed as wall or ceiling panels, offering flexibility in addressing specific acoustic challenges within different architectural spaces.
Installation of Acoustic Wood Slat Wall is straightforward, whether for new construction or renovation projects. Panels can be mounted directly onto walls or ceilings using a simple suspension system, allowing for quick and efficient installation with minimal disruption to ongoing activities.

Acoustic Wood Decorative Cladding Panel

What are the benefits of using Acoustic Slat Wood Panels?

The benefits of using Acoustic Slat Wood Panels include improved speech intelligibility, reduced reverberation, enhanced comfort in noisy environments, and an aesthetically pleasing design element that can complement various interior styles.

Where are Acoustic Wood Slat Wall commonly used?

Acoustic Wood Slat Wall are commonly used in various settings such as offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, restaurants, recording studios, and residential spaces where controlling noise and improving acoustics are desired.

Are Acoustic Wood Decorative Cladding Panel customizable?

Answer: Yes, our offer customization options for Acoustic Wood Decorative Cladding Panel, including different wood finishes, sizes, slat spacings, and even integration of lighting or other features. Customization allows these panels to be tailored to the specific aesthetic and acoustic needs of a project.

We accept any customization of wood products based on customer's demands.

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